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Reduction of public lighting costs

Customer requests, in this case the Municipality of Piancastagnaio:

  • Need to reduce costs related to the lighting system (energy consumption and operating maintenance costs).
  • Reduce the environmental impact and light pollution.
  • Increases visual comfort and safety.
  • Enhance the quality of urban spaces by enabling value-added services for the citizen

The solution was the installation of more than 1,500 LED luminaires: LÙMINO and KIT RETROFIT LED.
A “point to point” remote control system was also used to enable Smart City services. Each luminaire becomes an intelligent point that communicates with other devices and sensors. The Smart City platform becomes the “nervous system” for access to an ocean of data from these devices for the purpose of gathering and sharing information about themselves, the environment and people who use them in order to offer more livable and customized urban spaces.



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